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Present : Presentation of Venus Playground Studio Website - October 1, 2018.

Previously - First ever event in Okada Manila -- Isabel @ 18 : A decade and eight - March 17, 2018.

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Previously - Ad Collaboration with Clavel PH and New Balance. See video here :

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Jeorgina’s 1st Birthday : Hair and Makeup for my regular client - Jaylen Estardo - November 25, 2018

Capital One BPO Corporate Internal Commercial
Trial Makeup for February Bride -- Chezkah Gonzaga : October 13, 2018
Janna Sta Ana’s Pre-wedding in BGC October 19, 2018
Thorens and Shane Anjannete’s Wedding in Tagaytay October 28, 2018


US Based Clients - Couple : Suyo Church Wedding : December 1, 2018
Timothy and Mia’s Wedding : December 11, 2018
Lorenz and Kaecee’s Wedding : February 2nd Week
Raymond and Dory’s 30th Wedding Anniversary : Asian Cruise Party - Singapore October 2019

About the Artist

"My view as a Visual Artist in doing my services to people as a Makeup Artist is a representation of symmetry and balance. I loved the idea of maximizing to achieve a quality of a minimum. But before i make any look plan for my client, there’s a number of following considerations to go through to bridge harmony within the concept of artist-clientele relationship. I ask them certain questions like “What will you be wearing for this Makeup look?” or “Is your event outdoors?” I do this just so i know what kind of makeup base or primers I will use as well as colors and techniques to apply. I also do ask them sometimes if they wanna play a bit of a role like an internal spirit booster that would speak about how they feel like portraying. This gives my clients an idea about their options for the mood and a channel to express themselves.

I do think that my beauty service doesn’t just end up in Makeup Artistry alone. I consider my Trial Makeup like a workshop and a beauty counseling seminar because, as per defining it, it is a meeting of the artist and the client to give way for a better result. It involves the discussion of how expectations from both ideas from presentation of client pegs, to reviewal of the client’s facial features, and suggestion of a more suitable look plan that matches the overall details presented. When it comes to the genre of look formation, I've always liked natural transformations and enhancements. Although given that, I know that my clients also has their own preferences and expectations, communicating them to me first would be a good way to minimize the time to correct mistakes. "

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